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Noir Brut Nature Reserve

Noir Brut Nature Reserve

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Noir Brut Nature Reserve
Noir Brut Nature Reserve
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  1. 100% Pinot Nero


Franciacorta Riserva Brut Pas Dosé is a wise, not impulsive wine, in which time plays a fundamental role, blending with Pinot Noir. This Franciacorta boasts at least 60 months of aging on the yeasts, which allows it to best release its inimitable olfactory and tasting characteristics.

Color: dark yellow, fine perlage.

Bouquet: green walnut husk, biscuit and laurel.

Taste: rich, complex, acidic and dry. Final notes of vanilla.

Data sheet

Type of flavour:
Brut a dosage of around 1 grams liter.
Processing Method:
with refermentation in the bottle (Champenoise)
Annual production:
7,000 bottles
Alcohol content:
Bottle and cap:
850 gram champagne bottle with mushroom cork stopper

Serving temperature: serve at 10°C.