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In the heart of

Our cellar

Our winery is located on a 1400s farmhouse surrounded by nature in Adro, in the heart of the Franciacorta hills and a few steps from the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve.

It was the will of the founder, Marcello Monzio Compagnoni, to purchase the old Loneto farmhouse in 1995, then enlarged on the basis of his architectural studies, with the aim of obtaining the best conditions for the conservation of Franciacorta. An act which, over time and thanks to a modern and pragmatic interpretation of this profession, has allowed the name Monzio Compagnoni to carve out a leading role in the world of Italian bubbles.

The continuity of the project is guaranteed by the now multi-year collaboration with the consultant oenologist and scientist Donato Lanati, with the internal oenologist Stefano Graffi and with the agronomic consultant Luigi Reghenzi who, year after year, study and perfect the production of our wines.

Around the cellar, in 10 hectares of land, we take care of our vineyards of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes. Another 27 hectares are located in the municipalities of Adro, Cologne, Cazzago San Martino and Cortefranca. The origin of the grapes from different areas of Franciacorta, with different soils and microclimates, and the average age of the vineyards of around 15-20 years, allow us to give our sparkling wines a complexity and unique character.



The Franciacorta Method remains one of the most noble and elegant winemaking methods at an international level which, as its first objective, has respect for its grapes and the vineyards that produce them: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc.

The compliance with the regulations of the The Franciacorta Consortium allows the creation of extremely pleasant and quality wines.

At Monzio Compagnoni, attention to yields is very high to preserve quality as much as possible. The selection of the bunches is made in the vineyard while in the cellar the musts are divided and kept separate according to their origin until the moment of assembly.

After bottling and subsequent refermentation in the bottle, our Franciacorta wines rest for at least 24 months on the yeasts in the case of cuveès without a vintage, for at least 40 months in the case of vintage wines, and in the case of our reserves we are talking about at least 84 months of refinement.