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Nautical cushion with logo 48x30 cm

Nautical cushion with logo 48x30 cm

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Cuscino nautico con logo
Nautical cushion with logo 48x30 cm
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Cushion designed for the nautical sector thanks to fabrics designed, tested and certified to withstand conditions in marine environments. The fabric is stain-resistant, waterproof, resistant to UV rays, mold and cracking due to the cold. The fabric covering, in addition to being designed to protect against germs, abrasions and stains, has a pleasant appearance that lasts over time, even with a minimum level of maintenance.

Dimensions : 48 x 30 cm

Fabric : Spradling brand vinyl/urethane

SILVERGUARD treatment : antibacterial treatment based on silver ions to which the surface laminates are subjected, with the effect of reducing the proliferation of bacteria by 99.9%

PERMABLOCK3 treatment : a vinyl coating designed to create a barrier against germs, abrasions and stains