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From overripe grapes

Don Quijote

Don Quijote

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Don Quijote
Don Quijote
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  1. 100% Moscato di Scanzo


Don Quijote is a Moscato di Scanzo , a passito wine from overripe red grapes, produced from an indigenous vine. It is a sweet, velvety and enveloping wine thanks to the aging in wood which gives it an unmistakable fruity scent.

Color : dark garnet-cherry red

Perfume : the fruity scents of Marasca cherry, blackberry, even almond, are prevalent on the spiciness (white pepper) typical of the vine and on the notes due to the aging in wood, of vanilla and menthol; it has a truly composite and enveloping bouquet

Taste : sweet but without excesses where the spicy perception becomes more accentuated in the mouth with persistent cinnamon notes

Data sheet

Moscato di Scanzo
Annual production:
2,500 bottles
Alcohol content:
Bottle and cap:
0.375 lt Futura with one-piece cork stopper

Serving temperature: around 16°C