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Cuvée alla Moda Brut Magnum

Cuvée alla Moda Brut Magnum

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Cuvée alla Moda Brut Magnum
Cuvée alla Moda Brut Magnum
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Price 45,00 €
  1. 10% Pinot Nero
  2. 90% Chardonnay


Franciacorta Brut Alla Moda reflects the style of our cellar and is the perfect representation of Monzio Compagnoni's philosophy: a wine of character, immutable over time, with a strong, recognisable, unique identity.

Color: straw yellow with a slight hint of green, abundant foam and extremely fine perlage.

Bouquet: there are clear, sustained floral hints alongside the traditional bread crust and more delicate hints of peach and apple, and it has remarkable freshness and minerality.

Taste: Initial sensation of freshness with notes of grapefruit and tangerine and a final toasty note.

Data sheet

Type of flavour:
Brut a dosage of around 4 grams liter
Franciacorta SA
Processing Method:
with refermentation in the bottle (Champenoise)
Annual production:
Alcohol content:
Bottle and cap:
Magnum with mushroom cork stopper

Serving temperature: serve at 8°C.