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Silk White

Silk White

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Silk White
Silk White
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Price 11,50 €
  1. 100% Chardonnay


Bianco della Seta, as the name itself says, is a delicate, fresh and elegant wine. A white Curtefranca DOC that is inspired by Burgundian vines, giving the Chardonnay a touch of the hints and richness of Franciacorta.

Color : dense and shiny golden yellow

Perfume : expressed in a rich range of ripe fruit and aromatic herbs around the note of vanilla: complex and powerful.

Taste : a long flavor prevails, wrapped around the soft vanilla and a persuasive balsamic sensation: complete

Data sheet

Curtefranca White
Annual production:
3,000 bottles
Alcohol content:
Bottle and cap:
Borgognotta Sommelier 900 grams with one-piece cork stopper

Serving temperature: it is best drunk at 14°C.

Vinitaly 2023. 2-3 aprile

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La nostra casa colonica è circondata da circa 14 ettari di terreno, dove sono localizzati i nostri vigneti in conduzione diretta di Uve Chardonnay e Pinot Nero per la produzione di Franciacorta, mentre 3 ettari di vigne sono situati.

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